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"Catherine is uniquely amazing. There's this sense of softness and love, yet she's a complete powerhouse of a human. She is so comforting yet incredibly strong, and was able to hold the intense amount of space I needed for healing.

I am finally feeling strong about my journey to continue healing myself and helping others. I don't know if I would have been on this path currently without her guidance."

- Jennifer, Seattle, WA 

"Catherine is a truly gifted practitioner. She is able to hold space in a calm and supportive way while still pushing me to dig deeper, to be present with all of the emotions that come up (often unexpected), and to experience the transformations in my emotional body. I can't get away with "talking" about my feelings. I have learned to connect into my physical body, to find where I'm resisting or repressing energy. While the work during a session can feel heavy, I often leave a session feeling lighter and more whole-hearted, grounded, and complete.

As an energy practitioner, I originally began seeing Catherine for my own expansion. In our work together, I was inspired to apply to be mentored by her and become a Shadow Retrieval Practitioner myself. She is an incredible mentor and guide. Her training program is well thought out and while not easy, the tools and perspectives gained in the program are invaluable. Catherine's feedback is always anchored around the guidance of being a thoughtful, trauma-informed shadow work practitioner. Her authenticity and enthusiasm for her mentee's successes shine through and I consider it a great honor to have gone through the program with her. She is a gifted healer and leader in the community."

- Jen, Seattle, WA 

"The session I had with Catherine has catalyzed me into something very profound. Its hard to put into words but I feel more awake than I ever have. Catherine has modeled something for me that I needed to see and feel, someone that is living in their integrity through and through. I can't really express in words how much the session I had with her and the subsequent experiences have altered me, but all I can say is that as a light worker myself, I am deeply grateful. Catherine has inspired me so much- she does the work, and it shows. My experience with her is pushing me deeper into my own, and I feel closer to myself than I ever have. Catherine is a facilitator, not a healer, which means she gently guides us to heal the deepest most wounded darkest parts of ourselves that need the light of love. The difference between a healer and facilitator is that we give that love to ourselves, it doesn't come from someone outside of us. This is the crux of the transformative healing work that Catherine does, its about us healing ourselves. It is about us looking into our darkness and shining our own light of love onto it. I am inspired, transformed, and awake after that session."   - Chase, Seattle, WA

"Catherine is so incredible to work with. She has such a gentle, calming presence, and she really provides a space physically and emotionally for you to get in touch with the real you. She is so very intuitive, I really feel like we found core root issues. I left our sessions actually feeling real improvement, real effect, real steps in the right direction. This is just me, but I have had a total breakthrough while working with her, in so many personal, spiritual, physical, emotional etc ways! She's incredibly wise, raw and magical while also being totally relatable, which bridged the gap for me to finally embrace myself. I'll continue to work with her and couldn't recommend her enough."    - Jess, Seattle, WA

"Shadow work sessions with Catherine are amazing! One session is like a year of counseling. Not only does Catherine help you immediately through her shadow work sessions, she also teaches you how to do it yourself so that you can become your own healer. By far, the 2 sessions I have done with Catherine have had the biggest impact on my journey to peace and understanding. Catherine has a true gift and I'm grateful she is willing to share it with us all."    - Joan, Snohomish, WA

"Where to begin? I help people by interpreting their dreams and I have sent several clients to Catherine. Why? Because the first client I sent had such amazing results! She went for a very specific reason - to deal with a childhood issue that severely impacted her relationship. After one session, her dreams showed a complete change! Improved health and openness in areas she previously avoided.I figured if she could work miracles with childhood issues, she could work with kids.


So I sent my 6-year-old to her. He was having trouble focusing in school, was upset a lot and was way behind in reading skills. Again, instant change. Just two sessions with no more needed. He is no longer upset. I'm no longer getting called in by his teacher. He caught up so much in his reading that we don't need to send him to catch up classes over summer. Incredible.Only a fool would stop at this point, so I brought my 4 year old. He was getting in trouble a lot in pre-school. Hitting other kids and ignoring the teacher. That fit his personality at home. I watched Catherine work on him. It took just one session. For the first 30 minutes he was his rambunctious self. Wouldn't sit still on her healing table for her. But she has tricks to work around that. And then a calmness descended on him. She explained what she was working on the whole time and why. But to see him just change before my eyes was stunning. He has stayed calm since. Still a full of life 4 year old boy, but he no longer gets in trouble in pre-school and he no longer sees his 2 year old sister as competition! He now hugs her and helps her and his love for her is obvious. We never saw it on the surface before. He is a far happier kid.


Since then, I booked in for two sessions with Catherine myself. My goal was to improve my connection for interpreting dreams by healing some of my own childhood issues. It worked. I have sent friends to her. All were just as impressed with her results as I was. They sent their friends. That speaks for itself! Catherine gets results that you won't just notice yourself, other people will notice them in you too! Treat yourself by letting Catherine treat you!"  - Michael, Seattle, WA

My struggle with depression and anxiety took a sharp (blessed, long awaited!) turn immediately after seeing Catherine. She empowered me to embrace my own intuition and powerful healing potential. In just a few sessions, she cut through many layers of thought patterns that were holding me back. I had tried many different therapists with little gain. The difference with Catherine is that she can intuit issues without you explicitly explaining them. Psychic powers and counseling is an awesome combo!Catherine's counseling is so comfortable that I brought my 9 year old son to see her when he was overcome with anxiety about school. He loved talking to her. I recommend her sessions with my whole heart!   - A., Bellevue, WA

"I have been seeing Catherine for sessions and this has been truly life changing. Previously I have seen mental health counselors here and there throughout my life, but at my first session with Catherine, we cut deep beneath the surface and began some very monumental shifts for me, and the positive changes have been long-lasting.


Even though I only started seeing her a few months ago, there has been exponential growth in my being, more than with any other self-help or therapy I have sought out in the past, combined. It is challenging to distill into words, but being in a session with Catherine is particularly profound because I am able to be my whole self without holding any part of me back, or feeling the need to filter anything...and I've realized that's the only way true healing can occur. I don't feel like I am seeing a therapist who is giving me a textbook answer or following a textbook formula - I feel like my being is held safely by an intuitive counselor who sees me for me. Her presence alone is very healing. I would strongly recommend Catherine to anyone!"   - Diane, Redmond, WA

"I have tried numerous modalities over the last 25 years in an effort to heal myself mentally, physically and spiritually. From Western to Eastern practices to the psychic to the metaphysical, from the traditional to just the plain weird, I have immersed myself in just about all of them... Each modality has helped me grow and brought me to where I am today. It would not surprise me if I something much bigger than me told me one day that this life long quest for peace and years of struggle laid the needed foundation for my time with Catherine. I was ready and wanted to let my biggest fear go... I just didn't know how to.


And then my path crossed with Catherine. I still can't fully explain it except that Catherine is gifted. I came in, sat down and tears started streaming down my face. We talked and she helped me connect with that piece of me that had been hiding for so long. That piece of me that I could never seem to get in touch with no matter how hard I tried. And then suddenly the pain, the fear, the anger was gone. That piece of me was healed.


I don't know how else to explain it except that a lightness fell over my soul. Before my session with Catherine I could feel my subconscious get scared and I would struggle through that fear, I would work with that piece of me that needed soothing, and it would take every bit of effort to not react in a destructive way. But now it is just gone.


I recognize there are still other patterns I have to work through and I know that Catherine and I will come together again when the time is right. For now though, I am going to enjoy the peace my soul has found and know that if I ever feel stuck that I am not alone or without hope."   - Mel, Bellevue, WA

"Working with Catherine is unlike any other healing, therapy, or counseling I have ever done. She has her own unique style, blending knowledge, experience, compassion, and incredible intuition. During my sessions I feel completely supported, guided, and understood by Catherine, so that I am able to reach down into the depths of being. She assists me with sorting through old wounds and patterns which are still affecting me today, and helps me to begin to find true healing. Catherine has an amazing ability to genuinely hold space for her clients. 


After I leave my sessions with Catherine, I continue to feel the effects of our sessions as she has provided me with tools and practices to return to as I continue to process the work we've done. 


Before working with Catherine I was feeling stuck in my life. I had a general awareness of what was holding me back, but didn't feel I was able to move forward on my own. With Catherine's help, I have finally begun to step into my truth and the life I am meant to live."   - Amy, Vancouver, B.C.

"Working with Catherine has helped me heal the person I was to find the person that I'm meant to be. 


I was having a hard time being kind to myself and just didn't understand what that meant and how to work through it.  Catherine helped me identify the negative self talk (and how prevalent it was) and my world is beginning to change around me. 


It's brought me to a softer side of myself and working with her has taught me what it means to be kind to myself and be in touch with the feminine self that I had been pushing away my whole life. I am more centered and balanced than I've ever been."    - Gianina, Kirkland, WA

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