Hi, I'm Catherine!

I’m here to teach you how to become all that you are, and release all that you are not. How? Through simple, intimate, and powerful practices that heal trauma and reclaim the lost parts of you- your shadow.

Me and shadow work...? It all started with nightmares.

When I was 15, I began having extremely violent and graphic dreams that seemed to come out of nowhere in our quiet suburban life.

My mom brought me to see a Jungian analyst to explore the source of the dreams. It was in those sessions that I was exposed to the idea of the shadow, but it wasn’t what we talked about that healed the dreams.

I did a lot of drawing and painting back then, and something deep inside told me that I needed to draw my dream images, in great detail. I did, and the dreams went away completely.

Of course, I didn't know it as a 15 year old, but this was shadow work. Bringing loving attention to exactly what we most want to reject.

It was clear that they just needed the light of my attention to heal. They needed their story seen and heard. This experience sparked my interest in the unconscious, and I continued to study Jung and theories of the mind intensively throughout my schooling and career as a university instructor.

I later expanded this interest to include trauma and its effects on the mind and body, taking many workshops and getting certified as a trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness teacher.

In 2016, I decided to leave academia and pursue a Masters in counseling psychology, but after 6 months in the program, I reached the conclusion that the field of mental health counseling was too limited in scope for the way I knew I wanted to help people.

Shortly after leaving the program, I made my passion for shadow work into a full-time career, and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Using the simple, intimate, and powerful methods I've developed, I now get to help people all over the world reclaim all of who they are.

What I hear so often from people is that they are finally empowered to take action in their lives: 

To leave the toxic relationship. To stop patterns of self-sabotage they've felt trapped in for years. To end the addictive behavior once and for all. To stop playing small, and start asking for what they really want.

I can't wait to hear your story of how shadow work has changed your life. Reach out any time and let me know!

"Catherine is uniquely amazing. There's this sense of softness and love, yet she's a complete powerhouse of a human. She is so comforting yet incredibly strong, and was able to hold the intense amount of space I needed for healing. I am finally feeling strong about my journey to continue healing myself and helping others."

- Jennifer F.