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Exploring the shadow

Explore the innermost depths of your psyche and learn practical, astoundingly effective techniques to heal yourself from the inside out.


This is a 5-week live online course held via Zoom. Due to popular demand, Catherine offers it at least twice per year.




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This course changes lives. Take it from former students:


"I feel more in tune with myself than I ever have, I feel more understanding and appreciative of myself and others. I feel more aware of my ups and downs, and appreciative of them knowing I am growing and expanding, and mostly appreciate to have the tools to explore the shadows that arise. I also feel more understanding of my parents, and less judgmental of others. My eyes have been opened to many issues I was afraid to revisit, and my life feels lighter and more expansive because of it." - Jess C.

“The exact methods given by Catherine were the most helpful and illuminating part of the course. It is incredibly helpful when faced with a trigger or a wild emotion to have a pocket full of solutions at the ready. The methods are really interesting and enlightening to implement and they work very well. It was also surprising and sometimes even fun to encounter some of my own shadows. I feel more grounded and less fearful.” - Erin J.

"When I started this course, I knew that I was living with a certain amount of personal pain and depression in my daily life. I have been working for many years to address this issue, but no approach I had taken illuminated exactly what and how much I was feeling. At the end of this course I had an enlightened perspective of where the seeds of these feelings had taken root, and what joy and self awareness had been forfeit by attempting to sidestep just how profoundly those moments had effected me. The fact that I now feel the acute emergence of more wounds than I realized were present, does not, in any way, persuade me to look away. My determination to utilize this material to finally ask myself the most difficult questions, coupled with Catherine’s sincere support for my progress, has finally laid the groundwork for my path toward healing. I finally have the techniques and inspiration to move bravely forward. For that, I offer my heartfelt gratitude." - Suzanne B.

"[Catherine is] asking questions that my therapist isn't, and [she is] encouraging me to do the deep work I know I can do. I thought this class would be good support for the therapy I've started, but it was definitely the other way around. Being able just to sit in a space with other people engaging in this raw work has been illuminating. Even if I didn't feel called to contribute, sharing that space was powerful. I don't think I've ever been this exhausted and grateful. - Nikki S.

My life has definitely changed with this course! ... It gave me more knowledge about certain aspects of ourselves and our shadows which I had never read anywhere else. The flexibility of this course allowed me to truly tap into myself and honor what I needed at that moment. " - Kat S.

"I avoid feeling, to take time to really sit and be with myself. This course helped provide structure and support to do the "feeling" work I mostly avoid. ... I notice that I check in my with myself, with my body, more than I have before. I have more respect for my feelings and I feel like I have tools to explore them more deeply in the future." - Haley Y. 


In this popular course, I share the proven techniques I use with myself and in my practice in a 5-week live online course, held via Zoom. There will be homework assignments each week that will take you to the deepest parts of yourself, and profoundly intimate and eye-opening class discussions. 

Investment: TBA upon announcement of the next class.

Weekly Schedule


Please note that this is a preliminary schedule, and depending on the needs of a particular class, I may change it at any time.


Week 1: The Dark Mirror: Shadow in Self and Others

  • Identify your shadow aspects in the mirror of daily life

  • Transform your judgments of others into powerful tools

  • Learn foundational techniques to name, expand, and interact with your emotions to facilitate growth and release


Week 2: Our Fathers and the Longing to be Seen

  • Identify your internalized father and its presence in your own internal dialogue

  • Use triggers involving men to reveal shadow aspects relating to your father, and your longing to be seen and valued

  • Learn the foundational technique of shadow retrieval


Week 3: Our Mothers, Ourselves

  • Examine the primordial Mother Wound within yourself and explore how your relationship to your mother affects your self worth, your views on women, and your role in society.  

  • Utilize triggers involving women to define your shadow aspects that stem from your mother

  • Begin the process of liberating yourself from the judgments and limitations of the internalized mother


Week 4: Sexuality and the Body

  • Understand how your upbringing around sexuality and your body contribute to present-day issues

  • Use your personal hangups and blocks around sexuality and body image to reveal the underlying shadow aspects

  • Begin the path toward liberating sexual (life force) energy, and reclaiming pleasure as a birthright


Week 5: Money and Personal Power

  • Identify triggers surrounding giving and receiving money and selling what you have to offer, and use these triggers to unveil shadows surrounding self-worth

  • Reveal resistance to claiming your full personal power, and learn how to soften and expand into your full capacity

  • Close class together and answer remaining inquiries  

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