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"The Mentorship Program has transformed every aspect of my life. Catherine’s close guidance opened up a new world of emotional awareness for me, allowing me to engage in more meaningful relationships with my spouse and children. This healing work has also profoundly shifted the relationship I have with myself. I feel like I'm able to live at a higher level of consciousness now. 

I am eternally grateful to Catherine for the tremendous emotional, spiritual, and psychological peace that her Mentorship Program has brought me." 

-A.P., Seattle, WA


In this fully customized 6-session, one-on-one online program, Catherine will be your personal guide in reaching your transformational goals.  

Program structure:

- 6 60 min. online mentorship sessions (via Zoom)

- Co-created weekly assignments based on your specific goals and learning style

- Priority email and text support throughout the program

Investment options:

One-time card payment: $997

One-time Venmo/check payment: $950

Three card payments of $350

Catherine accepts a very limited number of mentoring students. Apply below to begin the process! 

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