Hi, I'm Catherine.

I help sensitive people boldly create true and expansive lives through shadow work.

With my Becoming Bold 8-week live course, my Empathic Witnessing Certification Program, and free teachings on Insight Timer, I've helped thousands of people bring light to what is hidden within them and build lives that reflect the astonishing beauty of who they are.

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"Catherine is an absolute miracle worker. She's guided by pure intuition and love, and her accepting and loving presence allowed me to fully step into my innate power and wisdom. She's a changemaker who fully embodies her methods, and she masterfully supported me in our programs together."

- Megan Guzman, Becoming Bold and Empathic Witnessing Certification Program graduate
"While taking Becoming Bold, I've noticed exponential growth. I know I'll be using the tools I learned here for the rest of my life. It’s by far the best program I've ever taken."

- Ji Kim, Becoming Bold graduate
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"Catherine Liggett is a shadow whisperer. She safely guided me to coax my fearful and angry inner child out to be met in the light of day where she and I are being healed. It is not an overstatement to say Catherine has given me my life back in living color."

- Cindy Scribner, Becoming Bold graduate
"Becoming bold has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I’ve never had so many realizations and felt such an emotional release in such a short amount of time. It was the missing link for me."

- Tracey Westerburg, 
Becoming Bold graduate
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"Catherine shined a light of understanding on parts of myself I’ve struggled to understand for much of my adult life. I now feel ready, with the tools Catherine has taught me, to transition my life into my authentic self."

- Mark Macay, 
Becoming Bold graduate
"I dived into Becoming Bold headfirst, with little knowledge of shadow work, really unsure if it was for me or not. The course was better than I could have ever envisioned. It helped me understand many aspects of myself which I was hiding even from my own self. It is like I discovered a whole other person which was driving me from the shadows. Bringing it to light has been incredibly powerful and I am many steps closer to being the full, unapologetic me."

- Alin Nagraj, 
Becoming Bold graduate
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