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Free Live Healing Circles with Catherine

Join Catherine in Summer 2024 for three free radical love shadow work sessions under the full moon.

Together, we unlearn familial and cultural conditioning.


In this sacred container, we are seen, heard, felt, and known for who we are.

Learn more and reserve your spot here!

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Welcome, Beloved

I’m Catherine Liggett, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Holistic Mental Health coach, a teacher on Insight Timer, host of the Tender Revolution podcast, an intuitive guide, and a mother of two. I’ve been holding tender space for those who are healing and facilitating transformational group experiences for 15 years.  

As a Holistic Mental Health coach, I often work with trauma survivors who experience anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that we have been led to believe are “in our heads.” 

But what I’ve come to learn is that what we call “mental health” is something far more complex. It is:

  • Embodied

  • Ancestral

  • Relational

  • Ecological

  • Spiritual

  • Systemic 

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We need to be seen, heard, felt, and known.

Over years of working intimately with hundreds of people, I’ve learned that most people who experience mental health symptoms are not broken… We are exquisitely attuned to the harm, disconnection, dysfunction, and toxicity that dominant culture calls “normal.” 

We come to this planet wired for deep connection: to each other, to spirit, and to our ancestors. For a life in harmony with nature.

And we come to be seen, heard, felt, and known for the unique soul gifts we carry. 

We are the tender-hearted ones. And we need each other. 

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Become Love

In Catherine's 7-month immersive program, we gather both online and in-person to restore 7 sacred aspects of soul that have been severed or forgotten through colonial capitalist patriarchy. We emerge confidently able to stand fully in the world, holding all of its complexity.

Hold Yourself

with Radical Love

Soften self-judgment and discover your own nurturing presence in this gentle and powerful audio mini-course. (Offered as pay-what-you-can here, or free with an Insight Timer subscription.)

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Megan Guzman

"Catherine is an absolute miracle worker. She's guided by pure intuition and love, and her accepting and loving presence allowed me to fully step into my innate power and wisdom. She masterfully supported me in our programs together."

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Ji Kim

"While taking Catherine's course, I've noticed exponential growth. I know I'll be using the tools I learned here for the rest of my life. It’s by far the best program I've ever taken."

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Alin Nagraj

"Catherine's program was better than I could have ever envisioned. Bringing my shadows to light has been incredibly powerful and I am many steps closer to being the full, unapologetic me."

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