"Shadow work has changed my life - I am living more authentically and my boundaries and self-love have improved dramatically.
Catherine in particular has an approach that is trauma-informed as well as social justice-informed. She has an incredible connection to this work and I cannot highly recommend her services or classes enough."
Kyra Paules, MSW LSW
shadow work client and Practitioner Certification Program graduate
Mari Roberts
shadow work client and Mentorship Program graduate
"Working with Catherine is like receiving a warm hug while being gently nudged to step outside of your comfort zone.
In working with Catherine I reached results that I didn’t even realize are possible. Through the Mentorship Program, I not only gained confidence in my psychic abilities, but I also created the blueprint for my business website. I cannot recommend Catherine enough."
"Catherine’s voice, presence, and intuition have guided me through the most painful challenges that I’ve experienced in my life.
The Tender Revolution [podcast] has already become one of my most important touchstones for coming back to my truth and self-love. I come back to these episodes when I feel out of control, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, lonely, and when I realize I’m holding onto deep, seemingly unmovable tension in my head and body.
She is loving, wise, and courageous, and she helps me remember that I am, too."
Kailey Pearce
shadow work and astrology client