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by Catherine Liggett


The Death Mother

Published in WITCH Magazine

Feb. 12, 2019

"This post isn’t pretty, and it’s not what you’re used to hearing from a pregnant woman... As we are creators, we are also destroyers. This profound truth is buried deeply under what a dear mother friend calls “the saccharine veil of motherhood,” the one-dimensional cultural representation of what a mother is allowed to be, to feel, to need."

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3 Practical Shadow Work Tools to Heal Yourself and Unleash Your Magic

Published in WITCH Magazine

Sept. 21, 2018

"Imagine being so intimate with yourself that you feel whole and fulfilled, whether you’re alone or with others... You live fully liberated as your unique, authentic, and powerful self.

This is the magic of shadow work."


Longing to be Real in an Age of Appearances

"All of us want to become Real, which means to be seen and cherished as our authentic selves... In order to be seen for exactly who we are, however, we must know who is there to be seen in the first place.This is a problem for us today, because our notion of identity has rapidly become a presentational commodity."


The Crisis of American Spirituality

"The American, or americanized, spiritual practitioner is likely to feel as if she’s never quite “getting there”... we filter reality through this lens of not there yet, and not good enough. Because of this tendency, the path toward enlightenment in the americanized world often takes on a toxic, commodified distortion of its traditional meaning."

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